Foundation Inspection with Seismic Engineer


πŸ™‰ Hydrostatic pressure
πŸ™ˆ Efflorescence
πŸ™Š Spalling

Foundations are a BIG deal, especially in a seismically active region like the Bay Area. These are just a few of the terms you might see in a home inspection report, which is typically included in the disclosures. But that report will only give a general overview of the foundation’s condition – after all, a home inspector is a generalist, not a specialist.

When my clients want a deeper dive into the condition of a home’s foundation, I bring in the experts. Here you can see us examining the basement with a licensed seismic engineer, getting an extremely thorough inspection of this 100-year old home’s foundation. This information was invaluable for my clients, being both reassuring and also eye-opening. They now know exactly what to do to mitigate moisture intrusion and properly maintain the foundation for years to come.